A Few Aspects of Plumbing You Should Consider

Winter is just days away and apparently we are in for a cold one in Tauranga. Preparing your plumbing for the wintry months to come is a great way to avoid cold water surprises and damp, cold houses. Hot water cylinders, central heating and gas installation are three major plumbing maintenance areas to consider to keep your home warm and toasty this winter.

Hot Water Cylinders

There’s nothing worse than running out of hot water halfway through a shower in the middle of July, so you will want to make sure that your hot water cylinder is up to scratch.

If you want to install a new hot water cylinder, consider your options. Both electric and gas hot water cylinders are common, and the best choice depends on your situation. If you have other gas appliances, this can be a cost-effective option while houses with lower hot water needs are usually better off with electric.

If you are happy with your current cylinder…get a plumbing expert in to look at your hot water cylinder and make sure that it’s functioning well. Hot water cylinder maintenance often gets overlooked until a problem arises, however they do need some tune ups to function at their optimal level and last as long as possible. If it’s been five years or more, it’s definitely time to get a plumber in for a check-up.

Central Heating

Despite being the heating of choice in many parts of the world, central heating is not the most common type of heating in NZ homes. But its popularity is on the rise because of its ability to efficiently heat and dry out the entire house.

If you want to install a central heating system, first get a professional plumber to assess if your house is appropriate for central heating and get a quote on the price ahead of installation.

If you already have central heating…now is a good time to maintain your central heating system and make any repairs. We recommend getting a plumber to check your central heating systems yearly to keep it working well and stop any little problems from turning into something serious.

Gas Installation

Gas is a great choice for hot water, fireplaces and hobs and if you’re thinking of making the switch to these appliances, do it now so you can reap the rewards all winter long. The installation of gas appliances requires qualified professionals who will provide you with code compliance: luckily,

Superior Plumbing and Gas have a team of qualified and experienced gas fitters working across Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa and we’re happy to discuss the benefits of gas and install anything you need to stay warm.

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