Know the Facts – 6 Common Plumbing Myths

There are many misconceptions when it comes to plumbing. Some are harmless (which direction does toilet water drain?) while others can be downright dangerous (that’s you, flushable wipes!) So, to clear the air – and the pipes – we thought we’d dispel six of the most common plumbing myths we’ve encountered.

1 – Tightening a pipe always fixes the leak

Not wanting to involve a plumber for a small leak, many DIY-ers think that all you need to do to fix a leak is tighten a pipe. Twist, twist – done! In actual fact, you could be over-tightening the pipe, which will make the leak worse and cause more damage, so it’s always best to call in the expert to fix a leak or blocked drain in or around the house.

2 – “Flushable” wipes

The misleading of customers with the name “flushable wipes” is a scourge to plumbers everywhere! Flushing wet wipes down the toilet is a great way to block drains and end up needing plumbing repairs. Flushing these wipes is so common that they have caused mass citywide sewer blockages, which is inconvenient and bad for the environment. Don’t fall for the “flushable” scam!

3 – Hot water helps grease go down the drain

Pouring grease down the drain or toilet is never a good idea. Most people know this, yet they fall victim to the common believe that chasing the grease with hot water is a magic block-free potion. Not so! Hot or boiling water does nothing to breakdown fat and will not prevent blocked drains. Save yourself some water and power and dispose of grease properly in the rubbish, not the sink.

4 – Water drains the opposite way in the northern hemisphere

This one isn’t going to help you in any way (except maybe at a dinner party) but it is a pet peeve to plumbers everywhere. A commonly held belief is that water drains clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the north. Save yourself some time on your next trip over the equator: water drainage depends on the plumbing structure itself, not the Earth’s gravitational pull.

5 – Leaky taps are not a big concern

If you have a tap that has a regular but tiny amount of water dripping, you might be tempted to ignore the issue, brushing it off as insignificant and normal. Unfortunately, any leak is a leak and should be repaired. Not only will the leak likely get worse, but it is a major source of wasted water, which you are sure to notice on your next water bill. The good news is a small leak is a small repair, so get your local plumber from Superior Plumbing and Gas in sooner than later.

6 – All plumbers are equal

It’s worth shopping around to find a great plumber – one that is experienced in their trade, licensed and qualified, efficient and happy to tidy up. Hint, hint: we’re not called Superior Plumbing and Gas for nothing! Operating across Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa, our plumbers are top notch, happy and able to help with any plumbing maintenance, repair or installation needs.

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